Award-Winning Fine Art Landscape and Wildlife Photography


"Visual Storytelling in Celebration of the Natural World"

- Rusty Childress

After beginning his career as a Arizona-based photojournalist in 1978 Rusty spent 33 years in the automotive industry but kept shooting along the way. He escaped Corporate America in 2007 to become a freelance photographer by starting The Main Event Imaging LLC, an outdoor event photography business specializing in marine wildlife, charity, motorsports and concert photography.

Natural History photography is his focus today with Childress Nature Photography. Here he spends his time underwater, riding an ATV, in the air or on an overland expedition in search of a story that must be told.

For example, most of our environmental struggles originate from an out-of-sight-out-of-mind scenario that threatens the equilibrium of our life support system that we call Mother Earth.   Mankind's reckless dominion as an apex invasive species is destroying our finite planet through massive overpopulation at the exponential rate 80,000,000/yearThis is his photographic approach to telling that story here.

Celebrating and emphasizing the aesthetic value of nature, he wants his images to leave people touched, moved, and inspired in a way that empowers them to take ownership and provide stewardship of the natural world. Understanding that people protect what they love, he is committed to capturing nature's moments and sharing the resulting images as a form of artistic activism.

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